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LPC's Weekly Playlist: Dear god, it's Monday

You can't just jump into the mega bops on Monday. You have to ease into the week. These songs are slow-burn bangers that aren't too loud and aren't too soft.

Miguel - coffee

Miguel is king of slow-burn bangers. (Check out "Sky Walker" or his latest single, "Funeral.") This track seems appropriate to kick off the Monday morning playlist. Listen to "coffee" while you drink some coffee. Did I do that for a reason? MAYBE I DID.

Alicia Keys - Time Machine

Y'all. Alicia's new track is one of my favorite songs in 2019. It's slinky, bass-heavy and so. damn. cool. Crossing my fingers that she'll perform "Time Machine" when she hosts the Grammys next year.

Carly Rae Jepsen - The Sound

If you know me, you know I cannot leave my girl CRJ out of a Monday playlist. Carly Rae got me through MANY Mondays (and even more bad days). "The Sound" is one of the slower pop tracks off of Dedication and perfect if you're not ready for full-blown CRJ pop madness on a Monday morning.

Lizzo - Coconut Oil

Lizzo is EVERYWHERE right now (not mad about it). Before releasing the Grammy-nominated Cuz I Love You, Lizzo dropped her Coconut Oil EP in 2016. Blast the title track. Trust me.

Mark Ronson - Daffodils

Maybe "Daffodils" would have gotten more attention if Bruno Mars didn't do his whole Bruno Mars thing on "Uptown Funk." It's OK, "Daffodils" can be our little secret.

Hayley Kiyoko - Palm Dreams

You should be listening to all of Expectations, but "Palm Dreams" is that perfect peppy-but-not-to-peppy pop song that totally vibes on a Monday.

Banks - Gemini Feed

Banks is great at making sexy music. Not quite FKA Twigs' level, but close. "Gemini Feed" kicks off Banks' sophomore album, The Altar, and it's worth your time letting the album play out after the track is finished.

Harry Styles - Lights Up

If you are holding out on Harry Styles because of his One Direction past, well, sorry to tell you that you're a ding dong. If you have not listened to Styles' solo stuff yet, DO IT RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW. "Lights Up" is the first single off his upcoming album, so get yourself caught up ASAP as possible.

Billie Eilish - my boy

If you're tired of seeing Billie Eilish everywhere, TOO BAD. I'm obsessed. Billie is the pop star of my dreams and "my boy" (off of 2017's dont smile at me) is what got me hooked on her music.

Hot Chip - One Life Stand

I don't know why I threw in Hot Chip. I haven't thought about this band in a while and then I recently stated listening to it and remembered how much I like it and that's why this is here. So I guess I do know why I threw in Hot Chip??

N.E.R.D. - Lifting You (Feat. Ed Sheeran)

I have feelings about Ed Sheeran (he annoys me and I think he's mediocre) so I don't listen to this song often. BUT. It's a good song! Tell me to get over myself and just listen to this song.

Lana Del Rey - West Coast

This might be a cOnTrOvErSiAl opinion, but Ultraviolence is my favorite Lana album. "West Coast" isn't the best song (that would be "Brooklyn Baby" in my eyes) but it's my favorite for this list.

Karen O & Danger Mouse - Ministry

This is one of my favorite collaboration albums. Every track is perfection, but "Ministry" is the kind of low-tempo electronic song that best fits this playlist.

Tame Impala - It Might Be Time

Tame Impala's latest single is exactly what you'd expect from the artist. It's a melodic, mid-tempo rock track that gets you into a groove. Fun fact! I went through a meltdown while listening heavily to Currents in 2015, so now I hear "Let It Happen" and go "AHHHHH!"

Lil Nas X - C7osure (You Like)

Maybe it's the title, but I personally think "C7osure (You Like)" is a great closing track. Like the rest of Lil Nas X's songs, it's short, genre bending and gets stuck in your head.

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